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2016 Feature Flavors Development On Schedule

Every year at SensoryEffects, we create several new frozen dessert flavors for our Annual Feature Flavors program. Currently, we've in the throes of developing the 2016 flavor concepts. Through the Feature Flavor program, we provide our customers trend research, innovation and final frozen dessert concepts that have been tested in a production environment. We believe this allows our customers to try new flavors they may not otherwise have the resources to develop.

Inclusions 101

SensoryEffects is a leading supplier of flavored flakes and nuggets delivered in a lipid carrier. With unique processing equipment to manufacture our specialty inclusions, the business has grown with new flavors, colors and melt temperatures for new applications such as frozen desserts. SensoryEffects acquired the business from Loders Croklaan in November 2006 and engineered new capabilities into the production lines and products to permit greater customization and designs to meet specific customer needs.