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Protein: A Key Component of SensoryEffects Powders

SensoryEffects incorporates various types of proteins in its line of Creamers and Nutritional Bases for both functional and nutritional properties. One of the most important functional attributes of protein is its emulsion binding properties. Since SensoryEffects Powders can contain up to approximately 70% fat, it is important to properly bind the fat in order to keep the powder in a free flowing form. Emulsion stability is a key attribute as we consider the use of various raw materials in the formulation of our products.

2017 Feature Flavors

"Dad, what did you do at work today?" asked my 5 year old daughter several months ago.
"Well, I worked with my coworkers on developing new ice cream flavors," I replied.
"Can you make a Cotton Candy ice cream?"
"I'm sure we can create that."
"Dad, you have a fun job."

That is how our "Tilt-A-Swirl" Cotton Candy concept started. And my daughter is right. It is fun to develop new ice cream concepts.