Trend Talk

You + Us = Winning Sports Nutrition

SensoryEffects Ingredient Solutions offers a multitude of benefits, so partner with us to create high quality Sports Nutrition products. We provide full-service expertise in developing finished turnkey applications with premium nutritional, functional and clean label ingredients that deliver exceptional flavor and texture. Our experienced technical team has a deep understanding of particle science and the technologies that increase the performance of your products with optimum particle dispersion to eliminate clumping as sports powders dissolve into liquids.

2017 Feature Flavors Trends

With another year on the books, we are excited to soon announce a new and delicious line-up of frozen dessert concepts in our 2017 Feature Flavor Program! We’ve been studying the macro flavor trends and the global market trends, and working hard in our R&D labs to bring you a new line-up of frozen dessert concepts featuring our unique ingredients, including flavor bases, variegates, and low melt inclusions.

Trend Talk: The Frozen Dessert Flavor Trends That Inspired Our 2016 Feature Flavors

With diversifying flavor preferences on the upswing among consumers across food and beverage categories, delivering novel ideas each year for frozen desserts is among our favorite programs at SensoryEffects. Despite the high-ranking, tried and true flavors of chocolate and vanilla year over year, innovative combinations continue to grow in their appeal to the more adventurous consumers, and that’s where we come in.