Functional and Clean Label at SupplySide West

Steve Stewart
Technical Development Manager

SensoryEffects recently promoted four newly formulated products at the 2014 SupplySide West trade show.

A chocolate drink called Sharp was formulated to feature our SensoryEffects Cocoa Creamer, a Stabilizer Blend, Vita-Rite A&D, and one of our newest products, VitaCholineή The Cocoa Creamer and Stabilizer Blend were specifically designed for use in dry beverage bases, and VitaCholine was included to promote healthy brain function. One serving size of the Sharp chocolate drink contains only 90 calories, has no trans fatty acids, 110 mg of VitaCholine and also provides 10% Vitamin A and 30% Vitamin D of the daily recommended value.

Also featured was an Oatmeal Cookie flavored-beverage, called Beat, which may be considered a breakfast drink for those with busy lifestyles. With only 100-calories, per serving, this great tasting cold beverage contains the SensoryEffects Oatmeal Cookie Powder Flavor Blend and the Vita-Rite A&D product. Another beneficial ingredient, Beta Glucan, was incorporated to deliver 0.75 grams per serving for heart health. Beat also delivers the same Calcium and Vitamin A&D equivalent to one serving of milk. The Oatmeal Cookie Powder may be considered as a turnkey beverage base for either dry or ready-to-drink products.

The third cold beverage, Peaches & Cream, was developed using SensoryEffects' Peach Juice Base, Vital Blend 40% Protein (casein) non-dairy creamer, 50% fat from non-hydrogenated high oleic sunflower oil, Vita-Rite A&D and VitaCholine. This creamy peach beverage was designed to deliver 16 grams of protein and 110 mg of VitaCholine per serving, to provide health benefits for both mind & body.

Finally, we also displayed our clean label true dairy creamer product, SmartCream. This coffee creamer product contains 5 grams of VitaCholine per 8 once serving.

If you would like to discuss these products in more detail, please contact our SensoryEffects Creamers Systems Technical Development Manager, Steve Stewart, or call 800.251.3033.

Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart

Technical Development Manager, Powder Systems

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