Trend Talk: The Frozen Dessert Flavor Trends That Inspired Our 2016 Feature Flavors

Tiffany Pailer
Marketing Communications Manager

With diversifying flavor preferences on the upswing among consumers across food and beverage categories, delivering novel ideas each year for frozen desserts is among our favorite programs at SensoryEffects. Despite the high-ranking, tried and true flavors of chocolate and vanilla year over year, innovative combinations continue to grow in their appeal to the more adventurous consumers, and that’s where we come in.

One of our specialties at SensoryEffects is our ability to create a wide array of textured variegates. With a couple of award winning concepts under our belt for ‘Most Innovative Prototype Flavor’ at the International Dairy Foods Association’s Annual Ice Cream Technology Conference in both 2014 and in 2011, we’ve shown why it is our niche. Our winners included our Lemon Poppy Seed Pound Cake concept which featured a new, all natural, water-based variegate with poppy seeds in it, as well as our Salted Caramel Chocolate Pretzel variegate, which maintained the distinct ‘crunch’ of the pretzel texture. Having the ability to incorporate all kinds of textures into our variegates makes the creative process of coming up with our new concepts every year a fun one for everyone, since the possibilities are endless!

This year we are excited to be introducing our first co-branded candy variegate so stay tuned as we reveal who our special candy partner is.

Here is a sneak peak at the trends you will see featured in our line-up this year:

Hybrids are happenin’ – and we have jumped on the bandwagon! Everything from coffee, cake and alcohol all in one concept, to candies combined with swirls of marshmallow, toffee or fudge, to super sweet fruit in an upside down cake, makes for the ultimate in indulgent delights.

Mashin’ it up – similar to a hybrid but different, in that it has more ingredients and they are literally mashed up and swirled together… This whimsical concept fuses a myriad of textures, ingredients, forms, colors and flavors that are sure to satisfy all of your cravings and we’ve got a special one we’re sure your taste buds will thank us for!

Bringin on the HEAT…with SAVORY…and SWEET – wait until you try our savory ice cream base, swirled with a sweet, fruity flavor and then a kick of heat that lingers…we can’t wait for your senses to experience this knock out combo.

Spicy ethnic hottness – flavors that were once considered niche are becoming mainstream, including authentic spices, chocolates and cheeses. We have a pairing of an ethnic flavor that provides a spicy heat, paired with a decadent sweet, pushing more exotic spices into the limelight.

Wait, is it happy hour? – Beverage flavor concepts have continued to make their way into the frozen dessert and refrigerated aisles. Everything from coffee house flavors, to mixed alcohol drinks, to wines and liquors are becoming frozen inspired indulgences. Cocktails are a primary inspiration, and with SensoryEffects, we’ve of course added some complimentary fruits and interesting textures too…

Healthy is starting to taste good – the buzz term ‘Healthy Indulgence’ is easy to achieve with the introduction of Greek-style frozen yogurts, and our concept in this trend category uses all-natural flavors and color, along with achieving a high protein claim, and of course, an exceptional flavor profile! Berry flavors are proving to be particularly popular in yogurt and we did just that – swirled a favorite berry into a summer beverage concept.

Keeping things fresh and interesting for you and your customers is our passion, so be sure to schedule your demo with us now, and stay tuned for our official announcement of our Feature Flavors on March 11th!

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Tiffany Pailer

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Marketing Communications Manager

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