2017 Feature Flavors Bakery Inclusions

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Spring 2017

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SensoryEffects is the market leader in the manufacture of lipid-based inclusions, a convenient and cost-effective method for delivering new flavors, aromas and colors to the baking industry. This year, we've expanded our Annual Feature Flavors program – historically for just frozen dessert applications – to highlight inclusions featured in bakery applications.

Key Flavor Trends

Some of the hot flavors showing up in the marketplace include Mango, Lavender, Rhubarb and Craft Beer, which are crossing over into bakery categories. We are also still seeing the rise of Ethnic flavors trickling into many different food and beverage applications.

Based on consumer flavor trends, we add our unique twist to allow our customers to easily add a little something different to their baked goods. Explore our TWO product line launches – one for the Spring, and one for the Fall! These inclusions are perfect for tortillas, scones, muffins, cookies, cakes, rolls, breads, biscuits and more!

Taste the Feature Flavors

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2017 Spring Feature Flavors Inclusions Products

Roasted Red Pepper Pita Chip

Roasted Red Pepper Pita chip

Add a kick of roasted red pepper to your favorite hummus dippers: pita chips.


Strawberry Rhubarb Shortbread

Strawberry Rhubarb shortbread

Rhubarb is popular this year, especially when combined with strawberries...and this time it’s not from your grandmother’s kitchen.

Rosemary Parmesan Baguette

Rosemary Parmesan Baguette

A taste of Italy – parmesan and rosemary – baked into a traditional Italian bread, baguette.


Mango Sugar Cookie

mango sugar cookie

Experience the current mango craze in a delicious sugar cookie!


Blueberry Lavender Pound Cake

blueberry lavenderpound cake

We've combined the on-trend floral flavors of lavender with the ever-lasting popularity of blueberries in a classic pound cake.


Oatmeal Stout Cookie

Oatmeal Stout Cookie

Oatmeal stout is gaining popularity with its uniquely smooth texture and rich, roasted, chocolate flavors and we’ve paired it with the sweetness of a cookie.

2016 Fall Feature Flavors Inclusions Products

Maple Bourbon Scones

Maple Bourbon Scones

Maple complemented with the richness of Bourbon flavor perfectly blended in one inclusion.


Raspberry Jalapeño Biscuits

Raspberry Jalapeno Biscuits

Raspberry with a Jalapeno kick makes the traditional biscuit come alive as the combination of sweet & hot push the limits of flavor innovation.

Matcha Tea Biscuit

Matcha Tea Biscuit

Matcha is a flavor that is trending across multiple categories. Try the Matcha-flavored tea biscuit!


Tuscan Herb Focaccia

Tuscan Herb Focaccia

Tuscan Herb brings an ethnic flavor to any pizza crust, bagel, flat bread, bread stick or any savory baked good.

Salted Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie

Salted Caramel Muffins

Rich Toffee inclusions paired with the perfect complement of salt transforms an ordinary chocolate chip cookie into an indulgent dessert flavored cookie.


White Peppermint Hot Chocolate Muffin

White Peppermint Hot Chocolate Muffin

A classic winter favorite: a sweet and indulgent chocolate muffin featuring intense peppermint inclusions.

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Our inclusions can be formulated to meet your needs. Whether you need a high fiber or a PHO-Free claim, we partner with you to formulate our products to benefit yours. In the end, you will see the difference when working with SensoryEffects!

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