School Lunches

Balchem® Ingredient Services acquired the Juice PacTM business in July 2010 and these products are now manufactured in Bridgeton, MO. Juice Pac™ specializes in vitamin and calcium-fortifed juice bases that are 100% juice. These bases are sold through dairies to service schools and other institutional markets.

In 2011, we introduced a new brand, Fruit JuicersTM, which are 100% juice drinks in great flavors and school-friendly brands with economical price points. They are a nutritious alternative for students who cannot drink milk, with no added sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup and are available fortified with Calcium and Vitamins A, C & D.

In addition to our 100% juice drinks, Balchem® Ingredient Services also offers schools a variety of reduced calorie flavored milks that follow U.S.D.A. guidelines with as low as 100 calories per 8oz. serving. They are not only nutritious for kids, but they taste great too!

Our products are the perfect fit as a low cost solution for dairies to sell to school lunch programs, which include:

  • Reduced Calorie Flavored Milks (100 calories per 8oz serving)
  • 100% Juice Drinks & Fortified 100% Juice (with Calcium & Vitamins A, C & D) in six popular flavors: Fruit Punch, Apple, Blue Raspberry, Orange, Grape & Apple Cherry
  • Fortified Milk + Juice Drinks (with added protein)
  • Lemon 100% Juice Drink (a healthy lemonade alternative)
  • Garden Punch 100% Fruit & Vegetable Juice Drink (4oz. fruit juice & 4oz. vegetable juice per 8oz serving)


Flavored Milks

Recently, the USDA made changes to school meal standards which now require flavored milks to be fat-free. Flavored low-fat (1% or 1/2%) milk is not allowed due to calorie restrictions.

Balchem® Ingredient Services has customized flavor bases for fat-free milks. Flavored milks are naturally nutritious and help kids grow into strong and healthy adults.

We offer a wide variety of flavored milks as low as 100 calories per 8oz. serving that also deliver great taste and mouth-feel.

Standard School Flavors:
Chocolate »
Root Beer
  Kid-Friendly Flavors:
Mixed Berry
French Toast
Ice Cream Cone
Blueberry Waffle
Cookies & Cream

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