The SensoryEffects International team is the international export section for all divisions of SensoryEffects including Flavor Systems, Powder Systems, Encapsulates and Inclusions, and Cereal Systems. SensoryEffects International specializes in the sales and marketing of ingredients for the food and beverage industries. We work directly with our international clients to deliver innovative products and solutions.

Serving as the link between our customers and our research and development teams, we offer customized solutions and provide ingredients and products that are unique and innovative, while meeting specific manufacturing requirements. SE International offers the perfect combination of expert personnel in sales, document management and transportation services, pilot plants for processing facilities, analytical labs, test kitchens to provide comprehensive product development and customer service.

SensoryEffects offers a broad array of ingredients and systems including:

  • Milk Flavor Bases
  • Chocolate Dairy Powder
  • Fruit Flavored Drink Bases
  • Isotonic, energy drinks and flavored waters
  • Ice Tea Bases
  • Ice Cream Flavor Bases
  • Yogurt Fruit Preparations
  • Eggnog
  • Frozen Novelty Bases
  • Bakery Inclusions
  • Cereals & Snacks
  • Specialty Powders
  • Milk Extenders and Replacers
  • Stabilizers and Emulsifiers


We make it easy to do business because of our personalized customer service approach.

The International division works directly with new and existing customers, offering customized solutions by producing innovative ingredients that meet specific application, processing and manufacturing needs. Along with our experienced staff, we combine document handling, transportation services, pilot plant processing facilities, analytical labs and test kitchens to provide comprehensive product development and customer service.

Our expertise and services are offered in Latin America and the Caribbean. /contact">Contact us to find out how SensoryEffects, can enhance your world.

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