2017 Feature Flavors

Jeff Borchers
Business Director, Flavor Systems

"Dad, what did you do at work today?" asked my 5 year old daughter several months ago.
"Well, I worked with my coworkers on developing new ice cream flavors," I replied.
"Can you make a Cotton Candy ice cream?"
"I'm sure we can create that."
"Dad, you have a fun job."

That is how our "Tilt-A-Swirl" Cotton Candy concept started. And my daughter is right. It is fun to develop new ice cream concepts.

Focusing on the trends

After several months of researching trends, talking with our customers, brainstorming ideas, making benchtop samples, and running full scale ice cream production, we are excited to bring you 12 creative concepts in our 2017 Feature Flavor lineup. The original list of ideas started at 75 and we whittled it down to 12 during several reviews to make sure our concepts were connected to the key trends we were seeing in the market place:

  • Limited Time Offerings – Try the Cran Apple Cobbler, The Great White Chocolate Pumpkin, and the Holiday Sugar Cookie-inspired, Suga' Dazzle Cookie.
  • Ethnic and Worldly – Try the classic German dessert-inspired Black Forrest Cake, with bits of cherry and chocolate cake pieces in a delicious chocolate ice cream.
  • Artisanal, Regional and Local – Try the Honey, Butter My Corn Cakes Concept, inspired by our very own R&D ice cream expert, Joyce McCarthy, straight from the hills of Kentucky!
  • Clean Label – Our Honey, Butter My Corn Cakes, is not only Artisanal and Southern-inspired, but is also a Clean Label ice cream concept.
  • Tropical Fruit Inspired – Our Fruits Veggin' Out concept contains flavors from cherries, berries, oranges and peach, combined to make up the red base, and for the orange base, there are carrots and sweet potatoes. These two bases are twisted together to give you 1/3 serving each of Fruit Juice & Vegetable Juice per 4oz. serving – so it's good for you too!

Appealing to the masses

One of the main challenges is pushing innovative ideas to the limit while still maintaining broad market appeal. The 2017 Feature Flavor lineup features 35 SensoryEffects ingredients demonstrated in the 12 frozen dessert concepts. Many of these ingredients are natural and have a clean label.

Team effort

Our company rallies around the Feature Flavor program every year and loves participating in the employee naming contest each year. One of the greatest aspects of the Feature Flavor program is the ongoing library we continue to build from previous years' concepts. Check them out.

I have quickly learned that ice cream is a very personal thing. I have a favorite from this lineup… let me know which one is your favorite!

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If you have any questions about our ingredients, or if you'd like to set up a demo to taste all 12 flavors - or just a few - send me an email, or call (314) 888-6981.

Jeff Borchers

Jeff Borchers

Business Director, Flavor Systems

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