Adding Enhanced Flavor to Hamburgers

Megan Maenius
Food Scientist

Two note-worthy days are almost here. This Saturday, May 28th is National Hamburger Day! St. Louis, where SensoryEffects is headquartered, is rumored to be the place where the hamburger first became popular. It was introduced at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis and has been popular in American households ever since.

More importantly, though, Memorial Day is Monday. We respectfully take the time to remember every life that was lost in serving serving in American armed forces. For many, it is also the kickoff to summer – and grilling season! Personally, I love this time of year because it allows me to experiment with new types of flavors and foods on the grill and discovering new favorites.

photo of a hamburgerSensoryEffects is a leading supplier of inclusions, which are lipid-based flakes and nuggets that deliver flavor and color. The meat industry is a new and growing focus for inclusion based applications and the possibilities in flavor variations are endless.

The benefits of adding flavor enhancement to meat products

We have started adding our lipid-based inclusions to hamburger meat and have had great success creating delicious flavor combinations with the added benefit of a mess-free process.

Favorite flavor combinations in hamburger meats include:

  • Ketchup and Mustard
  • Asiago Bacon
  • Jalapeno Cheese
  • Barbecue Sauce
  • Ranch

Additional flavor ideas include:

  • Beer/Stout flavors
  • Chili Peppers
  • A variety of cheeses
  • Aromatic vegetables
  • Spices and herbs

The flavors in the chart below are emerging, maturing and declining flavors in meat products from Innova Market Insights, but we’re also seeing areas for potential growth and further expansion into ethnic and International flavors, farm-to-table flavors, craft brews, smoked flavors, as well as, "coming back to the American roots" – or the "from scratch" flavors. Currently, we are in the process of expanding our savory flavors library, which will also have a tie to these trends.

Emerging flavor trends in Meat, Fish & Eggs 2014 - 2015

Any of these flavor combinations would be a great addition to a hamburger product line for your customers to choose from in stores, and would allow the consumer to bring new flavors to their grill – without the mess of condiments.

Improved Hamburgers using Encapsulated Salt

SensoryEffects also offers encapsulated salt. Our MeatShure® line of encapsulated salt helps to control bind, syneresis, protein extraction, and delays the onset of oxidative rancidity during shelf life, while delivering superior finished products and improved product texture. We offer encapsulated salts that can be added to seasoning blends, as well as added to pre-seasoned, frozen hamburger patties.

Questions or Flavor Ideas?

Our R&D team will work directly with you to develop unique and innovative inclusions that meet the specific needs of your customers, applications and processes. If you have questions about any of our ingredients for meat applications and to request inclusion samples, contact me!

Megan Maenius

Megan Maenius

Food Scientist

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