Get the Scoop on 2019 Featured Flavors

By: Tracy Snider
Marketing Manager

The 2019 Feature Flavors portfolio centers on Memory Generators bringing back nostalgic flavors from childhood, Sophisticated Caramels with new indulgent flavor combinations, Ethnic & Worldly flavors for adventurous taste seekers, the Spirit of Happy Hour inspired by adult beverages, enhanced Texture Experiences and fresh new Fruit Pairings. These truly unique flavor and texture combinations culminate in a delicious dessert experience for your customers.

Reminisce about the days of yesteryear when you float down memory lane and savor Float My Cherry Boat. Root beer and cream ice cream, swirled with a river of cherry take you back to childhood summers filled with fun and root beer floats. Polly Wanna PB&J brings back the childhood goodness of a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich in a delicious scoop of ice cream. You can’t stop with just one scoop of Yo Banana Be Nuts as it takes you back to Grandma’s kitchen and warm banana nut muffins straight from the oven. 

Adventure seekers can travel the world without leaving home through a bowl of Magic Cardamom Ride as your taste buds journey through pistachio, cardamom and rosewater ice cream, following a river of honeyed caramel. Spice up dessert with the sweet heat of When the Chips Are Down. The unique blend of strawberry tomato jalapeno ice cream brings to mind a perfect strawberry salsa, with a strawberry salsa swirl and tortilla chip flakes. Find a new texture experience in Magic Potion. Take a flight of fancy as you bite into the swirl of fruity cereal in this colorful ice cream will have you daydreaming of unicorns and spell casting.

Lift your spirits, without a glass, and toast the Old Kentucky Trail gelato bursting with bourbon flavor and the rich essence of praline pecans and dark chocolate flakes. Spoon up the good feelings with the indulgent Chocolate Caramel Fix twisted chocolate and sweet cream gelato swirled with decadent salted caramel and chocolate liquid chips.

And, when the heat of summer has you beat, find refreshment with Berry Freshly Squeezed Sorbet. The sweet and tart fresh squeezed taste of lemonade blended with blackberry will wake your taste buds. Looking for a bit more adventure, enjoy the Spicy Mango Raspberry Fiesta, a mango red pepper ice cream with a sweet swirl of raspberry.

These new flavor profiles are on-trend, designed for the changing preferences of today’s busy consumer and formulated to draw attention to your frozen desserts display in the freezer case. Our capabilities in textured variegates, hybrid concepts, clean label, natural ingredients and trending flavors support your unique position in the marketplace.


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