Magnesium: The Next Mineral Market Master

Stephen Ashmead
Senior Fellow for Chelates, Albion Minerals

The Physiological benefits of Magnesium

Imagine that you are Marty McFly in Back to the Future and you get information that allows you to accurately predict the future. Would you, like Marty, want to put money down and reap the rewards? What if you knew a nutritional ingredient would become a market leader and dominant ingredient? Would you invest the time and effort in establishing your market share now for dominance and big rewards in the years to come? You have the chance with magnesium.

Magnesium: Highest Sales Growth in Minerals Area

In recent market research conducted by Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) of the mineral market, they have shown that this market segment in the US is growing at 5.0% annually, which is slightly above the overall nutritional supplement market. In this market segment, the two dominant minerals are calcium at 44% of the market and magnesium at 26%. However, sales growth of calcium actually declined in 2014 and magnesium sales grew by 17%. This makes magnesium the fastest growing ingredient in this market space.

U.S. consumer sales of minerals grew by 5.0% in 2014 to $2.63 Bi.

Calcium slips below 45% share declining -2.0% vs LY; Magnesium growing at a strong rate of 17%, now accounting for 26%

U.S. Mineral Market Share

Source: NBJ estimates. ($mil., consumer sales)

But the growth of magnesium sales is far from being done, and may still be in its early stages. The NBJ estimates that in 2019, magnesium will overtake calcium in market share and that gap will widen in 2020. So now is the time to invest in the market since there is sufficient recognition of magnesium, but still lots of room to grow and dominate the market.

U.S. Mineral Market Share by Product Category, 2015e-2020e

Current projections are Magnesium will be larger than Calcium by 2019!

U.S. Mineral Market Share

Source: NBJ estimates. ($mil., consumer sales)

What's so special about magnesium that it is gaining such popularity as a nutritional ingredient?

Magnesium is a crucial macro mineral. The fact that it is involved in hundreds of physiological processes (key to about 325+ of the human body’s enzyme systems), clearly validates its importance. It plays a role in a wide range of body functions: energy production, heart rate, glucose metabolism, emotions, and more. Unfortunately, it has been found that magnesium is one of the most frequently encountered dietary deficiencies in the USA. According to the USDA 1994 Continuing Survey of Foods Intakes by Individuals, we are still failing, as a society, to take in adequate magnesium. The average magnesium intake in males over 9 years of age, was 323mg/ day, and in females over 9 years of age, was 228mg/day. This translates into the average males’ intake being 77% of the RDA, while the females’ intake came to 71% of the RDA. This indicates that the vast majority of the US populace is taking in levels of magnesium that are considered to be marginally deficient. Chronic intake levels, as low as this, can put people at risk for a wide variety of health problems.

Fortify Your Beverages with Magnesium

For anything other than capsules and tablets, minerals are tough to formulate with. However, SensoryEffects demonstrated at this year’s IFT and Supplyside West shows (see beverage prototypes) that they have the technology and ability to formulate excellent flavor profiles while delivering Albion magnesium products and Vitacholine in an attractive vehicle. The Thai tea and Fuji Apple (my favorite) drink mixes include 25% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of magnesium from Albion ingredients.

Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate Compounds

Balchem’s Albion Minerals magnesium amino acid chelate compounds have shown to be of benefit in a variety of conditions, as well. In addition, the Albion TRAACS® brand of magnesium chelates are of demonstrated high bioavailablity, and are an excellent choice whenever magnesium is required in dietary supplements, food fortification, or pharma applications. These include:

  • Magnesium Glycinate Chelate (also available in Buffered and Taste-Free forms)
  • Magnesium Lysyl Glycinate Chelate
  • Creatine MagnaPower® (magnesium creatine chelate)
  • Magnesium Glycyl Glutamine Chelate
  • DiMagnesium Malate (non chelate form)

Magnesium will become the master of the mineral market in the next few years, surpassing all others. Our Balchem Human Nutrition & Health division offers a unique combination of ingredients through Albion Minerals, and expertise in delivery profiles and solutions for numerous food and beverage applications through our SensoryEffects division.

So if you are savvy business person or named Marty McFly, contact us and get in early on the next big thing in the mineral market. Work with us to fortify your beverages with magnesium.

Stephen Ashmead

Stephen Ashmead

Senior Fellow for Chelates, Albion Minerals

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