SupplySide West Featured Beverages: VitaCholine

Jessica Myers
Business Development Manager, Food Fortification

As we know that a healthy body is at the forefront of today's consumers' minds, SensoryEffects is focusing on Sports Nutrition and Fitness and the Power of Powders at this year's SupplySide West trade show, happening October 7th & 8th in Las Vegas. There will be four beverages available to sample, combining the capabilities of the Powder Systems and Flavors Systems businesses. In two of our beverage demos, we are highlighting the essential nutrient, VitaCholineTM.

VitaCholine: A Key Ingredient for Sports Nutrition and Fitness

Did you know that 90% of Americans are choline deficient, according to the National Health and Examination Survey (NHANES) – see survey, and that strenuous activity can further deplete the body’s choline reserves? In addition to critical roles in brain and liver health, choline plays an essential role in sports nutrition and fitness:

  • Improves muscle communication and recovery during repetitive motion, resulting in better overall training output
  • Promotes proper metabolism for increased energy
  • Delays the onset of central fatigue during strenuous exercise
  • Protects Nitric Oxide, thus the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles

HOWEVER, most people don’t consume enough choline through their diet, and when strenuous exercise depletes choline levels, the body will scavenge and can break down muscle tissue to ensure proper choline supply to the brain!

The FDA has recommended a Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) for choline be established in the upcoming proposed regulatory changes, which would allow for choline to be listed on the nutritional panel with the % of the daily value.  In addition to incorporating VitaCholine into nutritional supplements, now is an ideal time to include VitaCholine in food and beverage applications targeted toward active individuals! SensoryEffects will be featuring two VitaCholine-fortified beverage concepts at SupplySide West perfect to help consumers maximize their performance and recovery.

VitaCholine-Enhanced Beverage Demos

Isotonic beverage and superfruit smoothie

Mandarin Orange Mango Isotonic Beverage

This VitaCholine-enhanced isotonic beverage concept supports an active individual's needs. Replenish essential electrolytes with a refreshing beverage featuring SensoryEffects’ Flavor Systems and VitaCholine.  Choline is an essential nutrient which maintains fluid balance in cells, enhances messaging between brain and muscles for performance, delivers nutrients to muscles, helps reduce the onset of central fatigue during strenuous exercise, and regulates metabolism for energy production.

Superfruit & Veggie Smoothie

Featuring SensoryEffects' enhanced creamer, which combines nutritional benefits of MCT oil and VitaCholine to create a powder system perfectly suited for sports nutrition, meal replacement, and overall wellness applications.  Supported by strong science, the essential nutrient choline offers benefits for a variety of platforms including: sports nutrition, fitness/energy, cardiovascular health, liver health/fat metabolism, and cognition/memory. Learn more about VitaCholine »


Keep an eye out for information about the beverages featuring our creamers products, and make sure to stop by booth #3665 to try these beverages and learn more about VitaCholine!


If you have questions about VitaCholine, contact me!

Jessica Myers

Jessica Myers

Business Development Manager, Food Fortification

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