VitaCholine: The Double Agent

Jessica Myers
Business Development Manager, Food Fortification

VitaCholine LogoYou may have read some of our previous blogs that have discussed choline as a key nutrient, vital to brain and liver health in people of ALL AGES. Choline has gained a lot of buzz over the last year, but just in case you missed out… it’s kind of a BIG DEAL!

The buzz around choline

As part of the 2016 published labeling revisions (see what this means to manufacturers), the FDA granted a Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of 550 mg/day for choline which now allows for the nutrient to be voluntarily labeled on a product’s nutritional panel as a % of the recommended daily value. According to NHANES consumption studies, 90% of Americans do not consume an adequate amount of choline in our diets. While choline can be naturally found in some foods, it can be challenging to eat enough on a daily basis, unless you eat several whole eggs or liver every day.

Bridge the choline gap with VitaCholine

The RDI announcement creates a demand to drive consumers to look for products containing choline. Balchem’s brand of choline, VitaCholineTM, is an easy, cost effective way to bridge this nutritional gap by fortifying foods people are already eating and supports health benefits important to consumers, including: brain health, cognition, liver health, metabolism, energy, growth & development, and fitness. Learn more at >>

Use VitaCholine for sodium reduction

As if the health benefits aren’t enough reason to include VitaCholine in your formulations, did you know that VitaCholine (as choline chloride) is also approved for use as a salt enhancer for FDA and USDA regulated foods?

Manufacturers continue to look for solutions to lower sodium levels in foods due to FDA guidelines and negative associations with health; however, there is only so much salt you can take out before flavor and function is compromised.

VitaCholine has a molecular synergy with sodium chloride to enhance salt perception and allow for a 25-50% salt reduction in a broad range of applications such as bakery, processed meats, soups and sauces, without negatively impacting key attributes.

Benefits of using VitaCholine to reduce salt in foods:

  • VitaCholine’s active cation is thermostable in high temperature processes allowing for excellent nutrient stability and recovery.
  • VitaCholine does not compromise gluten development during dough mixing for bakery products.
  • VitaCholine does not affect meat protein bind.

Based on Balchem/SensoryEffects’ application work in finished goods, key attributes in foods and beverages are not affected. Our studies include an enriched cracker, beef broth and sausage breakfast patty:


Beef Broth

Sausage Breakfast Patty

Choline maintains perception of key attributes. Choline increases perception of key attributes. Choline maintains perception of key attributes.

Getting more bang for your marketing buck

Depending on final inclusion levels, oftentimes there is potential to achieve not only reduced sodium claims, but also nutrient content claims, sometimes called out as “Good Source & Excellent Source of choline.” Additionally, FDA reviewed structure function claims may be used to help promote choline content and its benefits. (*where regulations allow)

Taste the difference for yourself

Would you like more information on how to use VitaCholine to achieve nutritional and marketing goals for your food and beverage products? Get started by contacting me today:

Jessica Myers

Jessica Myers

Business Development Manager, Food Fortification
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