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Albion is the leading supplier of chelated minerals and complexes for premier human nutrition products. Combining science and patented technology, an organic molecule is created that can be easily absorbed by the human body. These mineral amino acid chelates are used in nutraceutical supplements and food fortification to give consumers greater mineral absorption for superior bioavailability. Some of the mineral categories include: Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Vanadium, Zinc.

Leader in Human Nutrition

Albion’s amino acid chelates used in mineral supplements and food and beverage fortification provide complete organic mineral nutrition, giving your customers the greatest chance to absorb the minerals for their best biological advantage. Albion continuously develops groundbreaking intellectual property in the areas of:

  • Sports nutrition
  • Food fortification
  • Product formulation solutions
  • Mineral nutrition for pharmaceuticals
  • Topically applied minerals in cosmeceuticals
  • Customized products for customer specific needs

Food & Beverage Fortification

Albion manufactures mineral chelates as stand-along supplements, or complementary nutrition that can be used to fortify food and beverage applications. Here are a few Albion Mineral products that are perfect for use in consumable products:

Creatine MagnaPower®

Creatine MagnaPower

Albion Minerals Magnesium Creatine Brochure

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Creatine MagnaPower »


  • Higher level of absorption than other combination regimens of magnesium and creatine
  • Greater increase in intracellular water, an indicator of greater protein synthesis
  • Quick twitch muscle energy (needed for power movements in weight training, sprinting, hockey, football, baseball, golf etc.)
  • Enhances the body’s ability to generate and regenerate ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)
  • Facilitates vital oxygen delivery to working muscle tissue
  • Delivers more energy
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Excellent for use in:

  • Electrolyte powders or beverages
  • Protein powder supplements
  • Sports recovery drinks

Calcium Fortification Products: Calci-K® & DimaCal®

Calcium Products

Albion Minerals Calcium Products Brochure

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Calci-K » | DimaCal »


Excellent for use in:

  • Dairy & non-dairy
  • Soy based products
  • Infant formula
  • Products with neutral pH
  • Foods
  • Powdered drinks

Iron Fortification Products: Ferrochel® & Taste-FreeTM



Ferrochel (Iron)

Albion Minerals Iron Ferrochel Brochure

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Ferrochel »


Iron Taste-Free

Albion Minerals Iron Taste-Free Brochure

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  • Bioavailable
  • Safer & less reactive to other ingredients
  • Less gastric upset
  • Learn more about Albion's Iron enrichment capabilities »

Excellent for use in:

  • Foods
  • Powdered Drinks
  • Other Beverages

Contact Us

To learn more on how to fortify food and beverage applications with Albion Minerals, contact:

Jessica Myers | Email
Business Development Manager Food Fortification Human Nutrition & Pharma
Cell: (845) 270-9010 • Office: (314) 888-6976

Albion Minerals

Creatine MagnaPower