BakeShure® is the premier brand of encapsulated ingredients specifically designed for Bakery applications. Our dedicated team of applications scientists have developed multiple uses for our proprietary technology in Bakery applications including:

  • pH Control
  • Extending mold-free shelf life
  • Sourdough Processing Improvement
  • Leavening Control

Build Preservation Synergy with BakeShure Products!

Bakeshure preservation Pyramid

Our BakeShure products are overcoming barriers and opening up new product possibilities for the baking industry. Understanding the needs of this industry, SensoryEffects develops specific microencapsulated solutions to the challenges that matter most. Through BakeShure's precision release systems, you can now prevent the degradation of protein, yeast and other nutrients, boost product quality and consistency, improve your production processes and launch new products you previously thought unachievable.

With BakeShure our customers develop tortillas and other flat breads that are fresher and fluffier, sourdough breads with more authentic flavor, self-rising doughs of the highest quality...these are the innovations of encapsulation. Whatever you bake, we’ll help you bake it better. With our BakeShure products, you can now control the specific time release, temperature release and reaction of active ingredients in the baking process and bring stability to key ingredients in your finished goods.


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