Frozen Dessert Systems

Balchem® Ingredient Solutions develops unique functional ingredient systems that deliver creative flavor combinations and textures that drive innovation in the frozen dessert market. Based on consumer trends in addition to research and development expertise, we deliver creative flavor combinations and textures that drive innovation in the Frozen Dessert market. Our annual Feature Flavor Program allows you to try our yearly product offerings based as a starting point, and we will work closely with you to develop your own customized formulations and product offerings to grow your market.

Feature Flavors Program

Frozen Dessert Systems

There are several technology platforms that come into play for this category and can be mixed and matched to help create a "signature stamp" for your new frozen dessert. Try one of our standard product offerings as a starting point, or if you would prefer, work with our technical team to develop a customized system to specially meet your needs.


Similar to the variegate technology, Balchem® Ingredient Solutions can alter the viscosity and rheological properties to provide lower solid syrup type systems. These products can be utilized in many applications including shakes, smoothies, or even used as a frozen dessert topping.


Kalva Ice Cream Coatings
Kalva® Compound Coatings

Kalva offers a wide range of compound coating products for dipping soft serve cones, ice cream, or for coating frozen novelties. The Candy Crown line are the standard dipping products designed for use with a heater or warmer unit that most food service establishments have. The Cool Cone coating line uses a more sophisticated compound coating technology that doesn't require a heater, and with only hot water and a sink you are ready to dip or coat your ice cream products. Kalva coatings are known as high quality gold standards in the Industry and we pride ourselves in delivering both excellent functionality AND great taste. Our products are available in both #10 cans and plastic pails. Our coatings are available in a wide range of flavors starting with the market leading chocolate, but also in more unique flavor varieties like butterscotch, cherry, blue raspberry, strawberry, and even bubble gum. Whatever your coating needs are..... Kalva Delivers!!

Solid Packs

We offer products in a solid pack system, which are single or multiple fruit or nut components that are blended together to be used in a feeder system.


Textured and Water Based Variegates

A wide range of variegate systems are also available that deliver unique flavor profiles, versatility in viscosity, and outstanding texture for all types of ice cream applications.

Flavor Bases

Balchem® Ingredient Solutions offers a wide range of highly concentrated flavor base systems that are applied into ice cream mixes to deliver outstanding flavor intensity and appeal.

Liquid Chip

Kalva Ice Cream Coatings

We offer fat-based liquid chip systems for use in ice cream and frozen dessert systems. The liquid chip technology is solid at room temperature, but when heated it turns into a fluid consistency that can be injected into an ice cream mix. When the liquid chip hits the cold temperature, it hardens, breaks, and disperses throughout the ice cream resulting in a speckled appearance and crunchy texture. In addition, as an alternative to standard chips or inclusions, liquid chip tends to be more cost effective.

Service Support

Our experienced staff and support capabilities can help you to build a better frozen dessert.

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