Infant & Toddler Formulas

Formulation Options

Our facility has the equipment and processing expertise required to produce either base powders or complete finished products for toddlers. We offer three manufacturing options to produce customized formulations, including:

  • Nutritional Bases
    Formulated high fat spray-dried base powders that are ready to be dry blended with other ingredients to make finished products
  • Fortified Nutritional Bases
    Nutritional bases with added vitamins & minerals
  • Formula Powders
    Fully developed, spray dried infant and toddler formulas

Our dedicated team of Product Developers, Quality and Manufacturing Experts will work closely with you to develop the best solution for your formula requirements.

Production Capabilities

  • Ingredient staging and batch preparation to address standard and customized formula requirements
  • Can also provide components or ingredients for other formulas
  • Dryers equipped with 3 zone fluid beds for complete stabilization and cooling prior to packaging
  • Dedicated packaging rooms for each dryer; Bag and tote packaging available
  • Inline auto-sampling for collection of samples for third party analysis
  • Ability to pasteurize via conventional high temperature or ultra high temperature methods

Facility Design Features

  • Streamlined process flow and documentation procedures
  • Extensive automation of the entire manufacturing process
  • Extensive automated process CIP and koshering systems for batching and spray drying
  • Hygienic zoning, including high-hygiene zones to ensure food safety

Why SensoryEffects?

We are the powder experts, with over 50 years of experience in spray drying milk powders and superior wetting of finished formulations. Our development teams take the collaborative approach when working with our customers to provide customized product formulations and flexible batch sizes. Work with us on your Infant & Toddler Nutrition products.

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