Nutritional Systems

Balchem® Ingredient Solutions has significant capabilities in the nutritional and functional ingredients arena, delivering customized solutions with targeted health benefits that align with the needs of today's wellness-minded consumer.

New Products

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Vital Blend MCDownload Information
The new Vital Blend Micellar Casein (MC) nutritional base offers a wide range of application and health benefits. This unique formulation is designed to increase the protein content in nutritional food applications by utilizing Micellar Casein, a slow releasing protein that helps reduce post workout muscle breakdown.

Powders Creaming Agents Brochure

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The Jerzee 50 Sunflower HP CL features pea protein that offers the taste and texture helping to deliver protein while maintaining overall taste, as well as the benefit of satiety – Perfect for instant shakes & smoothies, sports nutrition & recovery drinks, cream-based soups and creamy cereals.

Vitamin Emulsions

We offer a full range of Vitamin A & D supplements, used in fluid dairy to unique vitamin blends for functional beverages. Balchem® Ingredient Solutions line of Vita-Rite® Vitamins offers a both standard products in addition to customized systems to meet your specific needs. Our entire line of vitamins is non-GMO, some Kosher options, and are soon to be Organic. Balchem® Ingredient Solutions makes vitamin supplementation easy, convenient and hassle-free with our drop-in technology. Download Brochure »


For isotonic products, in addition to creative flavors and functional components, our nutritional systems also include the other essential nutrients that are needed for replenishment of the body after exercise.

Nutritional Creaming systems

If a milk or a cream-based character is desired, there is no better foundation to build upon than a Nutritional Creaming System from Balchem® Ingredient Solutions Powder Systems, the market leader in specialty spray dried emulsified powders. Our creamers enhance the overall creaminess of a product by delivering improved flavor, texture, color, and stability. What's more, given the flexibility in the creamer's design, both the components and the strength of the final emulsion can be altered to meet specific end-use requirements. We call this "Functionality By Design", your customers will call it a better nutritional product.

Nutraceutical Bases

Our nutraceutical systems offer a combination of unique flavors and specialty nutritional ingredients like herbs, antioxidants, and nutraceuticals to deliver functionality to a multitude of end-use applications. Whether they are cream-based type textures and flavors or more thin, water-based systems, Balchem® Ingredient Solutions can help design a system to serve as an effective building block for your new product.

Service Support

Our experienced staff and support capabilities can help you to build a better functional beverage.

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