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VitaCholine® is an essential nutrient important to the healthy structure and function of the human body. It benefits everyone, from pregnant women to infants and children, to athletes, to adults and senior citizens. Learn more on the VitaCholine website »

On July 26, 2016, the Food and Drug Administration’s Revised Nutrition labeling Final Rule went into effect. There are a number of changes, but one positive change for better nutrition is that the FDA proposed a Reference Dietary Intake of 550 milligrams of choline for adults. Read more about Choline and the RDI »

VitaCholine helps with:

  • Enhanced memory and brain function for all ages
  • Prenatal nutrition
  • Cardiovascular and liver health benefits
  • Recuperative value for athletes

VitaCholine is SensoryEffects' branded choline product that provides a nutrient that is essential for all life stages, and allows producers to make the claims that consumers want to see, such as:

  • FDA reviewed structure-functions claims
  • Nutrient content claims
  • European Food Safety Authority Article 13 general health claims

VitaCholine consists of USP-grade choline products for tablets, capsules, OTC, medical nutrition and infant formula.

We have the right VitaCholine form for your application.

Choline Chloride—73% Choline Cation
Choline Bitartrate—40% Choline Cation
VitaShure Choline B90—36% Choline Cation
Choline Dihydrogen Citrate—35% Choline Cation

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