Powder Systems Technology


Spray Drying

Coulter Dryer & Fluid Bed Dryers are constructed to produce creamers of a wide density range with the minimum amount of fine particles products are all Kosher approved.

  • Homogenization: particles of fat are reduced in size to 2 microns for excellent creaming
  • Pasteurization: ingredients can be heated and held for a determined time and temperature to assure proper stability
  • Wet Mixing:
    – Liquid corn syrup: stored and processed hot
    – Handling of bulk liquid vegetable oil
    – Conversion of casein to caseinate
  • Packaging:
    – 2,000 lb Supersacs
    – 40-50 lb bags per pallet (stretch wrapped)
    – 50 lb multi walled paper bags, heat-sealed
    – Metal detection

FILTERMAT Spray Drying

The FILTERMAT® spray dryer provides gentle, flexible and economical drying for a variety of ingredients, including hygroscopic or sticky food and dairy products, which are difficult to handle in other drying systems.

It is ideal for the gentle and economical production of a free-flowing, agglomerated powder. Our extensive experience provides complete control over crucial aspects of the drying process, including:

  • Final moisture content
  • Final product structure

We also offer a Tote Tumbling System for gentle blending of bulk materials, a Gas-Injected, High Pressure Homogenizer Drying System for foaming creamers.

Foam Drying

Gas injection of air into liquid dairy or non-dairy mixture before spray-drying. Very low bulk density of finished powder that contains trapped air for a large amount of foam release when added to coffee or hot chocolate.

Dry Blending

  • Two ribbon blenders, 4,000 lbs per blend
  • Ingredient storage separate from finished product storage
  • Separate facility, not connected to main building
  • Ability to ship directly from blending plant:
    – Line 1: no color products blended on a separate line
    – Line 2: cocoa products blended on a separate line
    – Line 3: small 500 lb blender for making "key" mixes
  • Heat-sealed 50 lb multi-walled paper bags
  • Supersack handling capability up to 2,000 lbs
  • Metal detection

Processing Capabilities

  • Pilot Plant testing - small batches and production runs to help validate and launch new ideas and products
  • Dry blending, sifting, sampling and testing to customers' specifications
  • Drying blends of dairy and non-dairy ingredients to meet customers' specifications
  • Manufacturing acid-stable products for low pH systems

Product Expertise

  • Develop concepts using realistic costs for ingredients and processing, including the ability to test for commercial feasibility
  • Experience with infant formula bases, pharmaceuticals, high fat products and other food ingredients
  • Identity-preserved and non-GMO products
  • Shortening blends with lactose substituted for corn syrup solids
  • Produces unique baking properties for biscuits and doughnuts
  • Trans-fat free shortening blends
  • Encap® 850 volume producing dry cake emulsifier
  • Complete mixes for frozen desserts
  • Vitamite® brand beverage - lactose/cholesterol-free milk substitutes
  • Organic dairy creamer
  • Fat-free half & half for dairy reconstitution
  • Free-fat analysis for emulsion stability
  • Viscosity measurements


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